Scorpion™ Family: the SUV Specialist

New tyres renew the On Road series of Scorpion™ family: find out more and enjoy a safe and comfortable drive

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Discover the new Scorpion™ family

Pirelli tyres developed specifically for SUVs, providing Safety and Comfort. Available in Summer, Winter and All Season fitments, you can find the perfect fit for your driving needs. Quality certified by the TUV SUD Performance mark*, obtained on the whole new family

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Andreas Mikkelsen introduces the new Scorpion™ family

Andreas Mikkelsen, WRC 2 2021 World’s champion, tested on road the new Scorpion™ family, on different surfaces and weather conditions. In all conditions, Scorpion™, Scorpion™ All Season SF2 and Scorpion™ Winter 2 provided comfort and safety

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* Performance mark certificate nr Z2 082041 0005 Rev. 00 (Scorpion™); nr Z2 082041 0004 Rev. 00 (Scorpion™ All Season SF 2); nr Z2 082041 0006 Rev. 00 (Scorpion™ Winter 2). Obtained by achieving the essential technical performance requirements of the independent certification body TUV SUD following tests carried out in Jan/Feb 2022 with tyre size 235/55R19 (Scorpion™) and 235/60R18 (Scorpion™ All Season SF 2 and Scorpion™ Winter 2). More information available at TUV SUD CERTIFICATE and on tuvsud.com

The Pirelli catalogue includes a wide range of tyres, divided into five different product families. The Pirelli Scorpion™ family is dedicated specifically to SUVs and crossovers. Pirelli has researched and produced innovative high-tech solutions to ensure high levels of performance and safety for customers with these types of vehicle.

The Scorpion family includes Scorpion™ Zero All Season, Scorpion™ Zero All Season SF, Scorpion™ Verde, Scorpion™ Verde All Season, Scorpion™ ATR, Scorpion™ Zero Asimmetrico, Scorpion™ Winter and Scorpion™ Ice & Snow tyres.

The Scorpion™ Zero All Season tyres are the perfect solution for sports SUVs, developed in collaboration with the biggest car manufacturers with the aim of ensuring excellent performance on both dry and wet roads.

The Scorpion™ Verde All Season SF is the ideal tyre for Crossover & SUV. It provides comfort and safety on all road surfaces.

The Scorpion™ Verde tyres are ideal for summer. They are lighter and have low rolling resistance.

The Scorpion™ Verde All Season tyres can be used all year round and offer lateral stability and traction in the event of rain or light snow.

The Scorpion™ ATR tyres facilitate the most challenging off-road driving, resisting harsh impact on uneven surfaces. They are effective on all terrain, from ice to mud.

The Scorpion™ Zero Asimmetrico tyres are perfect for drivers seeking high performance on road and safe driving in off road conditions.

The Scorpion™ Winter tyres are designed to ensure high levels of performance and safety in the coldest months.

Browse the vast selection of tyres in the Pirelli catalogue, choose the product that best meets your specific requirements and find your nearest official Pirelli dealer.