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Fitting the right tyre to your vehicle according to the specific driving conditions is important both in terms of performance and safety.


After years of research and innovation, the Pirelli catalogue offers a vast selection of tyres tailor made for the various car models on the market and suitable for different urban and rural settings.

Pirelli’s tyres are divided into five product families, each with specific technical features designed to cater for precise requirements. Using the tyres search by product family filter, you can quickly and easily find the perfect solution for you.

P Zero™ is the tyre family that combines Pirelli’s experience with collaborations with the biggest car manufacturers to offer top performance every time.

The Cinturato™ family caters for drivers seeking tyres that have a low environmental impact. As they use new eco-friendly materials and have lower rolling resistance, the CinturatoTM tyres help to reduce the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

In light of how the SUV and crossover segment has evolved over the last few years, Pirelli decided to dedicate an entire range of tyres to these types of vehicle: it is called the Scorpion™ family.

That’s not all. Pirelli has also considered van owners and developed a whole tyre family for them called Carrier™.

As its name suggests, the Sottozero™ tyre family is especially for use in winter. These tyres are designed to ensure control, stability and safety, even in harsh temperatures and adverse weather.

Finally, the tyres in the Ice™ family have been designed for winter and extreme cold conditions in particular, and are also suitable when ice is present on the road.